NovaDNG Studio


Hug me tight
in the myriad of the deep space
pain and suffer you should forget
fear and dread you should abandon
please, hold me tight.

With all my might
for revealing my thoughts
limbs chained unwillingly
eyes closed timidly.

“It’s okay to feel inferior
to be afraid
to act clumsily.”
hugging the incomplete me
you whispered
“For your being is already so gladdening”.

Could you keep your eyes on me?
that resonance trills through my bones
should you feel the same
our hearts are not far away.

You, illusory yet authentic
are hugging me
the embrace itself
is good enough for me.

Your creations are always pure
despite no one cheering
the wings of your heart are full-fledged
you are always unchained.

Yearning for warmth could do no harm
please, embrace me
if this could ease your solitary
if this could accompany you
how I wish this warmth
could reach you
a little more
even if it’s
just a bit

Original: KAMIHARI
Translated by NovaDNG

Made with ❤ and Hexo.js at UK.