NovaDNG Studio

Congruent Verses

For those I cherish and those cherishing me:

Pins, delicately pinpointed,
twines, intricately intertwined,
like us, inseparably interlaced.
Dense, yet loose
firm, but exquisite
such is touch, unobserved.

Our spirits untamed and free
yet beneath the firmament we realise
how obsessed we are to create.
To croon, to scribble, to bleed
offer our anima to amplify
the pulsation of our soul.

This is the resonance between us
an instance of time vortex
reach into the deepest of the dreamland
search for the verse of you
stitch yourself together.
In this yet empty space
fragmented hues won’t quite do,
seek out that unflinching vision,
plenish this space
with chorus, saga, ekphrasis.

These congruent verses, jotted so true
are my sentiment towards you.

Translated by NovaDNG

Made with ❤ and Hexo.js at UK.